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On this this page you will find all the Italian "Unknown Places" located outside Tuscany.


Full view of Marta with its small houses and beautiful lakefront. At the top of the village stands the tall clock tower.

Marta on Lake Bolsena, the fishing village

I dedicate this article to my friend Marta (village namesake) who has always given me help and comfort whenever I needed it and whom I thank endlessly. Her instagram profile is full of beautiful photos related to the stories of the

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A peaceful and quiet corner of Votigno di Canossa with all its stone-built dwellings. On the right a small garden with a large green tree.

Votigno di Canossa, the mini-tibet in a medieval village

Today together with Alice from ilmondoattraversoalice (click here to enter her instagram page). Alice like me is a traveler who loves to discover unusual places in Italy and also around the world. In her beautiful blog (which you can read by clicking directly here) you will find stories

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A walk that takes the tourist to the entrance of the ghost town of Celleno. The archway of the entrance to the village is seen in the background, and brick houses stand out next to it.

Tuscia Viterbese: the ghost town of Celleno

Article written and edited by Martina for Italiaignota (click here to see her official instagram page). After taking you to three unusual places in Tuscia Viterbese (you can find the last article by clicking here) today I will tell you about the ghost town of Celleno. Why borgo

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A beautiful close-up on one of the most beautiful fountains in all of Modena with the statues prominent in front and behind the spray of water. The pointed bell tower of a church can be seen in the background.

History and interesting facts about beautiful Modena

Today we want to tell you about the history and curiosities related to a city that absolutely must be reevaluated: Modena. This article was written and edited for italiaignota by Tina and Saverio whom I thank very much indeed. I leave here the link to their instagram page

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The village of Sutri seen from a distance. The village sits on a rocky outcrop, and the tall bell tower of the church stands out among all the buildings. In the foreground the green vegetation.

Tuscia Viterbese: a walk through ancient Sutryum (Sutri)

Article written and edited by Martina for Italiaignota (her official instagram page here). Tuscia Viterbese is definitely one of the most interesting areas of Lazio. The succession of medieval villages, castles and historic buildings along with the landscape setting make everything a

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The view of the garden of villa lante in bagnaia with a close-up on the geometric shapes of the bushes that give the visitor the feeling of being in a labyrinth.

Villa Lante (Bagnaia), the villa of perfection

Article written and edited by Martina for Italiaignota (her official instagram page here). By now the whole world knows that Italy is the cradle of the Renaissance. We Italians are lucky enough to live, to breathe beauty in every corner of our country

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I introduce myself in brief !

Hello everyone, my name is Gabriel. I am a guy who loves traveling, always discovering new places, immersing myself in the local culture and especially trying the local cuisine. As you can deduce from the name of my blog my intent is to introduce you to beautiful places in Italy that you were unaware of and why not, even organize your own weekends and vacations.

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