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In this section you will find one-day itineraries and comprehensive information about various cities in our beautiful country.


If you are looking for art, monuments and museums and most importantly an itinerary that you won't miss anything, then this section is for you!


the marvelous view from above of the city of grosseto and especially of its historic center surrounded by the Medici walls and with the Sienese Cassero on the far right

What to see in Grosseto, the heart of Maremma

During the summer of 2022 thanks to my job I had the opportunity to visit many beautiful villages in the area of Monte Amiata (HERE the article) but especially in the Province of Grosseto. Villages that tell so much about the history of the place and hide so many treasures.

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What to see in Prato, a day in the city of fabric

Tuscany really has a lot of villages that definitely deserve much more from a tourist point of view. I can think of cities like Pistoia (included in the itinerary I wrote and that you can read HERE) or Arezzo (article HERE) that, in addition to being

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A wonderful view of Modena from above on which the opulent facade of the Este ducal palace and a church bell tower stand out in the foreground.

A day in Modena, the city of art and motors

Today together with Tina and Saverio (here is their instagram page) we decided to take you along with us to visit Modena in a day, the city of art and motors. How many times have you happened to visit your hometown as if it were

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A beautiful view of ferrara from the top of one of the towers of the Estense Castle. Ferrara is a must-visit city in a day because it has so many attractions to see.

A day in Ferrara, a walk through the Middle Ages

After introducing you to the province of Ferrara, the time has come to take you to Ferrara, along with Sara of cappellacciamerenda (find her blog here) who took care of this beautiful introduction. Ferrara is that city that knows how to amaze you as soon as you hear

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A spectacular view from above over the entire city of Bologna. The dome of a church and especially the very tall donkey tower stand out among the many buildings. In the background are the modern buildings of the city.

What to see in Bologna in one day: complete itinerary

Introduction written together with letygoeson, by clicking here you can visit her blog. Often overlooked by the most distracted tourists, Bologna is a wonderful city that makes everyone fall in love. It is a city "on a human scale" in that the center is easy to walk around. Bologna,

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I introduce myself in brief !

Hello everyone, my name is Gabriel. I am a guy who loves traveling, always discovering new places, immersing myself in the local culture and especially trying the local cuisine. As you can deduce from the name of my blog my intent is to introduce you to beautiful places in Italy that you were unaware of and why not, even organize your own weekends and vacations.

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