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the hermitage of calomini in the background of the road with its structure carved inside the rock of the mountain and completely white

The Hermitage of Calomini, the rock-carved shrine

Of special and very picturesque places I have visited and seen several in my many trips and outings. This one, however, that I am presenting to you today probably beats them all both because of the uniqueness of its architecture and location but especially because it is

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the stunning view of the verrucole fortress from afar with the rocca tonda and the garfagnana mountains in the background

The Fortress of Verrucole in Garfagnana

Castles, forts and fortresses have always been my weaknesses. When I watch a series or movie and one of the scenes is shot in one of these historic buildings I always try to inquire about the name, where it is located

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a full view of the altar of the monastic church of the charterhouse of florence with its beautiful colorful frescoes

The Charterhouse of Florence: the unknown monastery

Florence is a city teeming with splendid works in every corner. Very often, however, so many unique masterpieces that deserve a visit are overlooked and ignored by international tourist itineraries. Examples (which I have mentioned) are the Stibbert Museum with its vast collection

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the imposing fortress of staggia senese with the square crenellated keep in the center standing out and the two defensive towers at the sides

The Fortress of Staggia Senese

Tuscany is a land very rich in history told in its various natural and architectural treasures. Art cities such as Siena, Pisa, Arezzo or Prato; beautiful historic centers such as Sansepolcro (HERE article); are unique gems that the whole world envies us. By

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The beautiful village vinci seen from a distance from a green hillock. Two buildings can be seen silhouetted against the blue sky, the castle tower and the church tower.

Vinci, the birthplace of Leonardo's genius

After introducing you to Certaldo Alto, the town of Giovanni Boccaccio (article you can read HERE) , let's discover another village near Florence and linked to a great character. It is time then to discover Vinci, the birthplace of the

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I introduce myself in brief !

Hello everyone, my name is Gabriel. I am a guy who loves traveling, always discovering new places, immersing myself in the local culture and especially trying the local cuisine. As you can deduce from the name of my blog my intent is to introduce you to beautiful places in Italy that you were unaware of and why not, even organize your own weekends and vacations.

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